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With 12,000 m2 of stock, Jansen Machinehandel is your number 1 machine trade for metalworking machines. View our huge offer.

In and sale
Our machine trade Jansen specializes in the purchase and sale of mainly used machines. We operate both nationally and internationally in the used metalworking machine trade.

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With our stock of more than 12,000 m2, we are one of the largest used metalworking machine shops in the Netherlands. The stock of our machine trade metalworking machines can be viewed on this website.

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If you have any questions regarding machine trade metalworking machines, or if the machine you are looking for is not listed, do not hesitate and call or e-mail us or visit machine trade Jansen Etten Leur.

Perhaps we can help you with our machine trade metalworking machines can still be of service or we know how to quickly find the machine you want.

In addition to the fixed turnover in the Benelux, machine trade Janssen is also affiliated with the
EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF MACHINE TOOL MARCHANTS (EAMTM) the number 1 in the world trade of second-hand machines.

More than 12,000 m2 to machinery!

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